Our base price starts at $1000 per night for Argos Captain and Crew; includes a minimum of 8 hr aboard the Argos per night.

Boat and Crew only
All inclusive (see details below)
1 couple / 2 people
2 couples / 4 people
3 couples / 6 people
January - April: please add an additional $200 per night.

Day sails are available upon request.

Boat & Crew is defined as boat and crew only; all other costs aboard are to be paid for by our guests. For example, mooring fees, customs, ice, water, food, and drinks are not included. We will assist you as captain and first mate. We understand the islands and will do the food shopping for you at a cost of 15% of the ticket price; a saving to you due to our excellent buying power and knowledge of the islands.

All Inclusive means just that. You step aboard and we set sail. We will work closely with your food tastes and cater to your needs. Just sit back and enjoy as the costs of mooring fees, ice, customs, etc, will all be taken care of. Drinks, open bar, and fruit are available throughout the day. This price includes all breakfasts and lunches, with dinner 5 of the 7 nights aboard. Two or more dinners are on shore at the cost of the guest.


Our online reservation system is coming soon. In the mean time, please email or call us at 865-310-0206.

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